Voyr is the easiest way for businesses to to display content. The Voyr CMS is a cloud based software that will operate on any Android compatable device. We have a display app available for download from the google play store.

1. Add your screens.

Adding your screens to the Voyr CMS is easy. Simply create your acount and choose your plan (ie how many screens you have).

Access the google play store on your android digital download the Voyr Display app and enter the unique code.

2. Create your campaign

Upload content to your Voyr CMS. Using the Voyr Content editer you can curate and edit all of your content.

Create Slide shows, videos, textual banners, you can save as draft and collaborate with fellow colleagues.

3. Schedule your content

Create schedules to display certain campaigns on different screens at different times. The Voyr Schedule is a calendar system that allows to allocate different campiagns across screens and updates automatically.

Target different audiences throughout different times of the day without having to manually change content!

Capture up to
400% more attention

Digital signage doesn’t have to be complicated. Voyr
is the easiest way for businesses to quickly display
useful content on a lightweight display. Perfect for
any application, from restaurants and bars, hotels,
shopping malls and trade shows.

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